Even though no society can be said to be free of certain bad elements and security challenges that may be peculiar to it, the ones bothering us in 

Oyo State seem to be self-inflicted through well-organized criminal or political gangs that seem to defy solutions. Oyo State faces a bright future in the 21st century, but it is pertinent to address the security issues and problems capable of affecting the attitude, confidence, and cooperation of all groups that make up Oyo State.

Current Situation

There are many factors at the root of the instability in Oyo State, some factors are:

  • Political and electioneering conflicts
  • Poverty and historical neglect
  • Socio-economic agitations
  • Cultism
  • Criminality and organized crimes

We believe that the situation needs to be addressed through dialogue, alongside immediate infrastructure development and providing employment.

The Solution

With the endless news of armed banditry, killings, assassinations and the general absence of security in Oyo State, we believe that without security, there can be no peace and that without peace there can be no growth.
Oyo State needs a leader to confront these myriad security challenges. Seyi has been an advocate on Oyo State security issues for some years now; during and prior to his last previous political campaigns in the state.
Our administration will work closely with the state security agencies to ensure there is lasting security stability in Oyo State. The aim is to safeguard the peace and security of the Oyo State people.
Apart from the above, there is no gainsaying that lack of youth empowerment programmes contributes immensely to social insecurity in the State. Our administration will create programs that would empower the youths technically. This will enable them to be self-reliant and avert their minds from criminal tendencies.
In conclusion, security issues are a major issue in any state which needs a competent leader liaising with security agencies to address them.