Job Creation and Economy

“Rebuild our economy on a new, workable foundation”

The unemployment rate in Nigeria hit an all-time high in 2017 and more people are looking for jobs than ever before in Oyo State. The State is weighed down by extreme poverty.The ultimate goal of economic growth is to improve the living standards of people in Oyo State. This goal is sustainably achieved, primarily through people’s employment income. Thus, employment is seen as the main mechanism through which the goal of economic performance is reflected and achieved. In the same vein, the twin issues of job creation and full employment are regarded as economic fundamentals and the availability of good jobs is mostly used as an important and strategic measure of the health of Oyo State economy.

Current Situation

The low employment-intensity is directly linked to the structure of the Oyo State economy, which is heavily dependent on Federal Government revenue. To this end, standard policies that are directed at promoting economic growth will not effectively respond to the challenge of job creation.
Oyo State residents have little access to vocational training needed to compete in the modern, national or global economy. The state also suffers from brain drain as the few that are well skilled have traveled to other states within the country for greener pastures. Oyo State requires high-quality jobs that will keep the best and brightest right here and bring our people back home.
Successive governments in Oyo State have failed to give balanced attention to the basic avenues of skills acquisition, as they have repeatedly concentrated resources and expertise on the formal technical and vocational education and training, to the detriment of traditional apprenticeship and non-formal training.


Seyi believes that Oyo State residents should have access to long term, quality jobs throughout the state. While government should not create jobs, government policies should lead to job creation. His administration is committed to formulating and implementing successful workforce, community, and economic development policies and strategies, which lead to competitive salaries in today and tomorrow’s industries and builds stronger families and communities.
To meet this goal, we will ensure that the state government and its partners in the private sector work hard to attract new businesses and new investment to Oyo State. Many industries, both large and small, call Oyo State home already and we will focus on increasing their number in the future to provide greater employment opportunities for all Oyo State citizens. New companies and new investments mean more jobs for Oyo State residents and better lives for us all.

This is why our administration will welcome job creators in the state, these jobs will improve the communities in which they are located and the lives of employees whom they hire. Also, the tax gotten from these companies will help improve the state’s revenues. This involves direct business recruitment as well as creating an environment where businesses can thrive. We will invest in critical infrastructure that businesses need, like roads and electricity. And work to ensure Oyo State residents are ready for these job opportunities by developing the education sector.
Most of Oyo State’s fastest growing industries and occupations require some type of postsecondary education or training. We will increase the number of higher institution graduates by supporting students and making sure the higher institutions are in good standards. However, Seyi also knows that higher institutions are not always the right fit for every secondary school graduate. Our administration will work to expand access to vocational training programmes across Oyo State, and work to align them with the industries and jobs that will start growing in the state.
The goal is simple: to ensure that everyone who wants a job can find a job and that the workforce is prepared for the jobs that will be made available. To ensure that Oyo State continues to develop new sources of revenue and improve existing ones through the innovative and purposeful mode of revenue collection and utilization to adequately fund the provision of public goods and execute developmental projects that can improve the living standards of Oyo State citizens.