Seyi knows that the right investment in physical infrastructure is key to economic growth. Therefore, access to good roads, potable water, power supply, housing, and other infrastructure is essential for commercial development.
As a private citizen, Seyi has contributed to the infrastructural development of Oyo State. He financed the construction of a gas-powered turbine to generate independent power/electricity, donated and installed transformers and street lights across the State and lots more.

His vision for Oyo State physical infrastructure includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The building of new roads to enhance economic activities and promote rural-urban linkages.
  • Generating electricity in rural communities to improve the lives of rural dwellers.
  • Ensuring the stable and regular supply of water in Oyo State by revitalizing the water schemes across the state.
  • Exploring public-private partnerships to create affordable mass housing in Oyo State.
  • Upgrading and maintaining hygienic markets in Oyo State.


Adequate road infrastructure is central to Oyo State’s economic growth; it is at the core of good governance and public welfare. Any improvement in road infrastructure positively impacts the state’s economy.

Current Situation

Poor road maintenance is a major problem contributing to the poor state of road transport infrastructure in Oyo State. Most of the major roads networks were constructed in the 80s and early 90s, so they are old and are already wearing out. Due to poor maintenance and low-quality materials, which have been used for repairs, over time, the condition of such roads keeps getting worse. In most cases, repairs are not started until major damage has occurred and then it becomes more difficult and expensive to maintain the road surface. When the repairs are eventually carried out, they are poorly executed.

A historical trend of prioritizing new road construction over maintaining existing roads further intensifies deterioration of existing road infrastructure. Some of the recently constructed roads are poorly built with low-quality materials. This is major as a result of corruption from both the people awarding the road contracts and the construction companies.

Oyo State urban roads, in general, are narrow, consisting of one lane that is poorly maintained, and prone to flooding due to poor drainage. The result is inadequate capacity and poor conditions, leading to traffic congestion, reduced vehicle productivity, loss of man-hours and increased vehicle operating costs. Oyo State roads also have inadequate road features such as pedestrian facilities, bus stops/shelters, and public conveniences. There is a lack of other amenities such as towing vehicles and traffic control devices.


Public Safety is crucial. That’s why our administration plans to work with transportation stakeholders and law enforcement agencies to achieve reduced crashes, injuries, fatalities, and zero tolerance for drunk or distracted drivers.
We will develop new roads and bridges, only after appropriately preserving the existing infrastructure and enacting feasible solutions that optimize mobility. We will focus on continuous improvement by maximizing current resources and continually finding more efficient and effective ways to build and maintain the Oyo States transportation system.

Our vision to achieve improved road networks for the people of Oyo State includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Making rehabilitation of road transport system a priority and funding and monitoring the rehabilitation.
  • Road maintenance and repairs will be done on regular and appropriate time intervals.
  • Proper drainage facilities along road networks will be made available
  • Traffic lights will be established at major junctions including the provision of proper education for road users.
  • Investment in other forms of transport that will reduce the demands on road transport.

The state of road transportation in Oyo State is a reflection of how far it has come as a state. If Oyo State is going to move forward and experience growth in every aspect, then the problems of road transportation in the state must be taken seriously and tackled both by the government and the private sector. Oyo State has all the potential needed to overcome all these challenges, it is just the willingness and readiness that is required of us.

Power supply difficulties cripple the agricultural, industrial and other sectors which impede Oyo State’s economic development. The energy supply crisis is complex, stems from a variety of issues and has been ongoing for decades.

Current Situation

Over the past few decades, successive governments have tried to improve the power supply. Billions of Naira has been spent with little result to show. The problems we face today are a testimony to the inadequacy of past policies and the strongest possible signal that Oyo State needs to adopt a radically different approach to finding a solution.
It is not news that Oyo State is having an electric power crisis. We will be forthright about what the current administration needs to do to resolve the crisis and how it can be done. The past administration could not deliver on the government’s promise to generate minimum megawatts of electricity for Oyo State residents.


Our administration intends to reform the power sector. Areas of focus include strengthening industry regulation, industry and market structure, development of the commercial framework to support private investments, the effective setting of competition amongst the successor companies, and efficiency improvement in technical and non-technical losses. Tariffs for gas and electricity need to reflect market prices and be set at levels to attract private sector investment.
We will put in place a new comprehensive plan to outline a fresh electricity power future by making unprecedented investments in order to provide power to Oyo State people. We will hold special interests and fraudulent individuals accountable for any attempt to jeopardize the government’s efforts in providing Oyo State people with adequate electricity.


Housing is one of the fundamental human needs in addition to food and clothing. It is equally a significant indicator of a person’s standard of living. Housing has been known to be a major component in creating stable and healthy communities and it is often the largest single category of household expense. For housing to be successful, a state needs to have a stable macroeconomic environment.

Current Situation

Few years after independence, access to land and affordable/habitable housing has, for the most part, been an unfulfilled dream to a large proportion of the middle and lower class population in Oyo State.
Oyo State housing problem is derived from a historical lack of focus on housing development. Over the years, the state has not been able to develop a viable and sustained housing finance system because of lack of expertise, up to date and knowledgeable industry leaders especially in the policy making arms, lack of funding for relevant institutional agencies/department, political and selfish gains.
Oyo State has always taken housing as one of the other numerous government functions that should be politicized or zoned or used to satisfy political thirst and loyalty. Thus what they have always come up with is a situation where the government is in charge of housing development instead of giving it to professionals such as developers and surveyors


Housing is a basic necessity. The problem of providing adequate housing has long been a concern, not only of individuals but of government as well. Thus, the history of housing is inseparable from the social, economic and political development of mankind.
Our administration will adopt a policy of providing layouts with infrastructure plans to ensure a systematic development of settlements. The land administration will be automated to ensure orderly and organised development of cities and towns in Oyo State.

There is a lot to do in terms of housing provision in Oyo State. We will identify and locate serious developers and give them land for development. This will be the beginning of solution to housing problem in Oyo State as the public-private partnership will create affordable mass housing in Oyo State.
Development of rural areas to reduce rural-urban migration. We will provide social amenities such as electricity, good road networks, proper drainage systems, and the likes so as to ease housing development in areas where these are lacking which will also help to decongest populated cities.
Our administration’s policy on infrastructure is to accelerate infrastructural development by the state government in key areas, and engage public-private partnership arrangements in others.