Today, our Healthcare system is broken. It is too expensive, too complicated to navigate and inadequately addresses the health care needs of Oyo State residents. A person’s overall quality of life is directly linked to their health. The health of Oyo State people also plays a role in our state’s economic viability as it affects workers’ productivity and educational outcomes for students. It is for these reasons that Seyi believes every citizen deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare as well as opportunities to live a healthy, active lifestyle.
As a private citizen and healthcare philanthropist, Seyi contributed in his own little way to ensure that the healthcare sector in Oyo State records improvement. He championed healthy living by sponsoring a medical team from the United States of America to Oyo State to treat people. He also procured medical equipment and medication for elderly people. Seyi will bring the same commitment and do more to improve healthcare services for all Oyo State residents when he becomes the governor of Oyo State.

Current Situation

The current state of our healthcare system is quite worrisome. Politicians have viewed healthcare as a consumer service with little political payback. Local governments have built deficient new structures rather than building on and strengthening the existing infrastructure for healthcare delivery. They have also not involved local communities in their management. Primary health care centers have become ‘shops’ without the required equipment and with deficient structures with an erratic provision of essential drugs and non-available skilled manpower. The conditions in many of these centers outside Ibadan are inhumane.
Another challenge facing the Oyo State healthcare system is the nefarious activities of quacks, fake drugs, and poor health care delivery in many private practice settings and some public health institutions. Rural communities in Oyo State have no easy access to emergency care and sometimes, no access to clinics. Lives are lost when the emergency medical response requires a long-distance ambulance ride.


The longer we wait to address these challenges, the more difficult the reform will be.
We will take urgent steps to arrest the ugly trend within the Oyo State healthcare sector by creating an enabling environment that promotes patriotism among our professionals.
We are working to provide long-term solutions to the viability of the healthcare safety net for the people of Oyo State. Our administration will liaise constantly with health authorities to strengthen the mechanisms that will check quackery in medical practice and clamp down on every facility – private or public that cannot offer safe health care to our people. We will pursue legislation that will incur very stringent punishment for offenders involved in fake drug business.
We will strive to ensure that we preserve the best of our healthcare system but reform those aspects of our policies most in need of improvement. We will work with members of the House of Assembly and all parties to secure access to affordable health care to all Oyo State people.
We will look into the causes of frequent industrial actions in the state ministry of health and other healthcare sectors with a view to restoring harmony among all cadres of healthcare providers.

Our vision to achieve improved healthcare for the people of Oyo State includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Evaluation of existing health system- structures, personnel, current funding modality, utilization of resources and expenditure on health
  • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of current expenditure on health for individuals and the state, to compare with CBA using health insurance.
  • Meeting with all stakeholders for a stakeholders’ analysis (representatives of associations, NHIS, selected representatives of communities, representatives of workers, etc.), planning, implementation and evaluation of the various strategies.
  • Eventual involvement of all the levels of health care in Oyo State.
  • To give it the highest form of political will and support from the government, an Oyo State Strategic Health Development Plan with constitutional backing and approval using the National Strategic Health Plan as a template should not only be developed, circulated, implemented but should also be evaluated with full participation of all stakeholders.
  • Partnerships for health ensures that public-private initiatives are put in place especially for the provision of drugs and vital equipment i.e., through setting up of a mega drug depot and research for health ensures partnership relevant research institutions

Overall, we will provide better care at lower costs. Our plan will transform health care in Oyo State so that people experience better health during their lives, receive better care when they need it, and get more affordable and accessible care.