The declining standard of the educational system in Oyo State should trouble the mind of any well-meaning citizen of the state because education is the bedrock of development. Unfortunately, poor funding from the government has led to a lack of educational infrastructure, lack of quality teachers, inadequate classrooms and teaching aids. Our administration’s agenda for the education sector is to improve the quality of education, efficiency in the educational sector and access to education.


The Current Situation

One of the great tragedies of the last decades is the collapse of an educational system, which was founded on sound developmental goals. Currently, the educational system of the state is suffering from decades of underfunding. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to design a workable plan for funding education.

The situation has recently been made worse by frequent strikes by academic and non-academic staff. Much of the difficulty lies in the fact that the sector is poorly funded. Other problems include:

  • Lack of staff incentive.
  • Decay /absence of infrastructural amenities in all schools in the state, an imbalance that has bedeviled the state for almost a decade.
  • Lack of teaching aids.
  • Politicization of the education system.
  • Failure to accommodate the rising population demands.

The Solution

We will prepare the next generation for success in the primary, secondary, tertiary institutions and the workforce, ensuring that Oyo

State residents lead on the national stage once again in imagination and accomplishments.
UNESCO recommends that 15-20% of a nation’s total budget should be allocated to the education sector. Since 1991, budgetary allocation to education in Oyo State has never been higher than 5%. We will intensify our effort to improving the current budgetary allocation using the UNESCO benchmark as the basis of our intervention, and design an institutional structure for monitoring how the funds that are currently allocated are being managed. We commit to allocating 10% of the state’s total budget to education in our first year, increasing annually thereafter. We will formulate and implement innovative strategies that will enhance the domestic resource flow of Oyo State but will not affect the welfare of the citizens. Specifically, a certain percentage of the Oyo State IGR will be allocated to the educational sector. Our administration will work closely with the House Committee on Education at the budget execution and budget oversight stages. This is expected to create synergy between the Executive and the Legislative arms on the education sector in Oyo State. We are confident Oyo State lawmakers will see reasons to be part of the new order and move Oyo State’s educational sector into its prideful place as the Pacesetter State.
Our administration will recruit large numbers of new teachers and develop innovative ways to reward teachers who are doing a great job.

Moreso, our Education Development Plan (EDP) for the state provides a strategic vision for effective education service delivery in the state for the next four (4) years and beyond. Some of the overall key objectives of the EDP are:

  • Relentlessly improve the standard in learning for students to be highly successful in knowledge and skills acquisition.
  • Ensure that students acquire the needed values, behavior and attitude to become useful for themselves and society.
  • Ensure that students adequately fit into the mainstream of the dynamic global system.
  • Ensure effective and efficient funding for the education system.
  • Improve staff welfare through adequate training and motivation.
  • Ensure effective school management.
  • Improve the teaching and learning environment with the provision of quality and quantity of infrastructure.
  • Effective partnership. E.g. involving missions by way of returning mission schools to missionary owners. This will help to tap into additional financial resources which could be plow back to improve the system.
  • Ensure the production of employable and self-employed graduates through effective technical training. Expand opportunity for tertiary education in response to the need of the labor market and promote self-employment.

Seyi has pledged to make public education his top priority as governor. He made the same commitment as a private citizen of Oyo State by providing a bursary for students every year since 2006.

As governor, our administration will make education a top funding priority every year. We know that education is one of the most important aspects of Human Capital Development and investment in education at all levels has the capacity to improve individual wellbeing and increase the income of the state.